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How To Stop Humming

Yesterday I sent out a brief email asking for your feedback, for your questions and concerns and within moments I had my first question back… so here goes.
“I have a question regarding loud humming noises. From what I know it is typical for kids with autism to humm. I have a child that does it all the time. Do you know about any strategies that might help lower the pitch of the humming or for the humming to fade away. I would really appreciate any help that you can give me.”
Humming is often a stimming behaviour. That is a self stimulation. It is the child’s way to soothe themselves. Much in the way we listen to music in the car, or curl up in bed with a book to relax, your child’s humming does the same thing.
Some articles have shown that a gluten free, casein free diet helped alleviate the humming, so this may be something you want to try.
Another article, and something I can attest to is music therapy. Your children obviously likes music to some level or they would not hum. Try playing some different music to them. My children love the “Baby Einstein” DVD’s and will often hum those songs afterwards. A word of caution you may find a few songs that drive them a little crazy. I myself purchased the entire DVD set, and so am able to quickly decide between the ones they like and don’t like. I suggest somewhere like eBay to purchase these at a lower cost. (I have a wholesaler I can get them from as well, if you cannot get them, costs about $50 USD for all 24, just drop me a line and let me know.)
Hopefully that helps a bit, and if any other parents have some words of wisdom, pass them along and I will be sure to pass it onto everyone.


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8 Responses to How To Stop Humming

  1. Todd Baxter says:

    Have you tried humming back at them? I use to fight my sons wierd habits. Now I use them to try to connect with him. If he is in my lap and humming I hum back, and I do it at a level I would like to hear it. If he rocks on the floor I rock with him. Going into my sons world has really paid off for us as a family. Me and him now have a deeper bond, and as I try to go into his world, he starts to come into mine more. We use to be afraid to leave the house because if you let go of his hand for a second he would bolt. But now its much different. And we get to enjoy things together as a family , I wasnt sure we would ever be able to do. The greatest advice I ever got about my autistic son was.. You got to get into his head.

  2. Danette says:

    My guys hum a lot, and loudly. Sometimes it is just because they like to hum while they play but other times it’s a coping mechanism. When that’s the case we try to figure out what is stressing them out and remove that (or remove them from the situation) then they may be less inclined to hum. I read somewhere that humming in particular can be a way to tune out sounds that are too loud, and I think that is the case with my boys sometimes.

  3. Ralph says:

    AS per the note above we found that my son stopped humming with the introduction of a GCF diet. We then started to reintroduce certain dairy products one at a time. We have found that he can tolerate cetrain foods but not others. We have repeated this over and over agin with the same results. For example one brand of the same type of cheese will start him humming but he can eat another brand without any humming. Introduce the other brand even hidden in cooking and the humming will start within an hour or so. We have repeated this at least 10 times and the results are the same.

  4. Marleen says:

    Our 4+ yr old Asperger daughter does not stop stimming (hand-flapping and pulling faces). We have tried the GFCF route, previously without success. Out of desperation we are trying again. Her stimming seems to have a visual trigger – rhytmic moving objects. Is there any sensory integration treatment to address this visual sensory issue? She is also an excessive talker. She attends a mainstream pre-school with presence of a facilitator and is doing exceptionally well – however, back at home she stims up a storm and it breaks our hearts and causes great anxiety and uncertainty in the household. After reading Ralph’s post, I am hopeful that this time round we will have success with the GFCF.

  5. Doris Trahan says:

    Ikeep my 4 yr. old Grandson after school and he is doing so well, but he went to visit his father this past weekend and when he came back he started putting his hands over his ears and humming. He had done this in the past but I could tell him to stop and he would, not anymore, he also was swinging his arm, I told him to stop and he cried and said he wanted to hum and swing his arm. He is a very intelligent child and usually no trouble. I know these are stemming acts but he didn’t do them often until this trip to his father. When ask about it the father said he was doing that when he went there. The child loves his father and loves to visit him but something happened this time and I don’t know what it was. He hates to get his hair cut and the father cut it this time, I ask him if he cried and he said no. Yet the visit before he got his hair cut and without me asking he told me he screamed. I am trying to channel his energies to other things when he starts humming, yesterday I took him out to ride his bike. I’ve had him two days since he visited his father and I know in a week or so he will be back to normal but he is to visit his father for a month July/Aug. and I am very concerned about this long visit.

  6. autismadvocate says:

    Wearing IPOD sometimes reduces incessant vocalizations in my son. Google: challening behaviors in classic autism. That’s him.

  7. Heidi says:

    My son is 2 years 4 months old and will NOT stop humming!! I am going INSANE! There are days that i have earbuds in to tune out his humming. He does it when he is occupied and when he’s bored. When he’s tired and when ge just wakes up. While he’s eating, drinking, playing…ALL THE TIME! It’s a constant humming in my house. I have had him on the GCF diet for 3 months now and at first he hummed a little less, the past 2 weeks he has hummed worse than ever. Any SUGGESTIONS on how to STOP the humming? I have hummed back at him and he just stops for a second and does it again. I have plugged his nose when he humms and he just breaths out of his mouth and is annoyed by me plugging his nose. I have tried a weighted blanket on his chest to soothe him and nothing helps! Doctors/speech therapists give me no answers. This is NOT a happy humming, or him humming to a song. It’s an annoying humm that is constant! HELP!

  8. Jodi bavister says:

    I have a 9 year old son who constantly hums i have been reading some of your suggestions and will be trying some of these ideas. I have tried everything to get him to stop but nothing works and as you say it does drive you insane.

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